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Miss Elizabeth Passes Away At 42
Lex Luger Arrested

Article Posted by Anthony DeBlasi, Webmaster

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(Below please find the complete story on the death of Miss Elizabeth and arrest of Lex Luger (originally reported 5/1/2003), and subsequent completion of Luger's court case (reported 2/3/2005). To keep the authenticity of my article, the updates are listed below in order).

MAY 1st 2003

Here is the latest on the death of Elizabeth Hulette (aka Miss Elizabeth).

Around 6AM this morning, Lex Luger (real name Larry Pfohl) called 911 and claimed that Elizabeth was unconcious and having problems breathing. She was immediately rushed to the hostipal, accompanied by Luger and paramedics and broight to Kennestone Hospital in Cobb County, Georgia.

She was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later at the hospital. She was only 42.

Authorities have not made any comment as of yet on the possible cause of death. But we have learned that as of now, Police do not believe that Elizabeth's death was a homicide, but it is possible that it may be drug related. Until an autopsy is done, we dont want to speculate that it may be.

Earlier today, Police went to their home for further questioning. They arrested Luger at his home after Police found what they are calling an "illegal substance". Police will not say if the drugs had any connection to her death. However, we are being told that an autopsy and a toxicology report will be done Friday to determine the cause of death.

It is interesting to report that on Easter Sunday, Police were called to the home of Luger and Elizabeth for a "domestic dispute". Apparantly, Luger was arrested that day for abuse and posted $2500 bond. Please remember that as of now, there has not been any connection reported related to her death and abuse.

As soon as we receive more information, we will post it right here on


We have some new information regarding the arrest of Larry Pfoul aka Lex Luger. He was released today on $25,000 bond and is facing numerous felony charges of drug possession and distribution.

Upon arresting Luger for possessing "illegal body-enhancing drugs", a further search revealed some disturbing findings.

Police found Anabolic steroids, Testosterone, and Sazien (which is a synthetic growth hormone).

They also found Hydrocodone (A Generic Form of Vicodin), and Xanex (Anti-anxiety Drug. Apparantly, Police may have found additional drugs which have yet to be made public. It is quite possible that one of these drugs may have been OxyConton.

Tonight on the hotline (718) 303-4444, we will get into the medical issue of Xanex and Hydrocodone much deeper, and why we strongly feel that this is what caused the unfortunate death of Miss Elizabeth.


If you would like to use this information, please credit Anthony DeBlasi / for the research. Thank you.

I did some research regarding Georgia Law, and the charges that Lex Luger is currently facing.

Now I am not aware if Luger has been arrested in the past for Drug Offenses. Therefore, I am basing this on the idea that he was not charged in the past for drug related offenses.

Here's the serious part of the matter. Below is the definition of a Felony in Georgia. Keep in mind that Luger was charged with 13 Felony counts:

In Georgia, a felony is most commonly defined as a crime punishable by imprisonment for more than twelve months. It can also mean a crime punishable by death or by life in prison.

There are two different catagories for "Illegal Substances".

An Example of Schedules 1 & 2 would be cocaine.


- Purchase or Possessing: Imprisonment for at least 2 to 15 years imprisonment.

- Selling or Intent to Distribute: Imprisonment for 5 to 30 years.


An example of Schedules 3,4,5 would be steroids, and certain painkillers.


- Purchase or Possessing: One To 5 Years Imprisonment

- Selling or Intent to Distribute: 1 To 10 Years Imprisonment

- Fines can range up to $1000 for a misdemeanor and can be $100,000 or more for a felony.


Of course he has not been found guilty of any charges yet, and obviously some charges can reduced. However, if he is found guilty on some of these charges, one wonders if a jail sentence would be combined, or each charge would have to be served one after the other.

UPDATED: MAY 4, 2003

The Marietta Daily Journal wrote an article examining Luger's recent problems with the law. It is interesting to report that Luger was arrested twice in April.

On April 19th, he was arrested for a "domestic dispute". Apparantly, Luger and Elizabeth were engaged in a fight, which she received 2 Black Eyes, a cut lip and a bump on her head. Luger was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery and released on $2,500 bond. That charge is still pending in court.

Two days later on April 21st, Luger was arrested for DUI. On this charge, Luger's Porsche struck another car in the rear. When Police arrived they found Luger under the influence. The Police Report states that Luger's speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot. His drivers license was suspended due to not responding in court for a summons he received of driving with an expired registration and no insurance.

They found 9-MM Handgun in the vehicle. However to our knowledge, he was not charged for illegal gun posession which may mean he had a license for the gun. Elizabeth was in the car at the time of the accident, but not arrested with Luger.

Say what you want about Luger the jackass for hitting a woman, having the narcotics, and other things he has done, you don't want to wish harm on anyone. There have been too many tragedies like this that lead to suicide.


Courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Wrestling celebrity Miss Elizabeth had been mixing vodka and painkillers before she sat down to eat, started gurgling and then died, according to police reports.

Cobb County authorities have yet to declare an official cause of death in the May 1 incident in which the 42-year-old woman, whose real name was Elizabeth Hulette, was found unresponsive at the home of her boyfriend, former wrestling superstar Lex Luger.

According to the 911 tape, a panicky Luger, whose real name is Lawrence Pfohl, told the operator about 5:30 a.m., "I have an emergency, medical. My girlfriend has passed out and I can't get her to come to."

He said he couldn't tell if Hulette was breathing, adding: "We were eating and she started gurgling. I don't know why. Please send somebody, please."

Pfohl later told police that Hulette drank about two glasses of vodka and took some medication for her back pain, according to the police report.

While she was sitting on a couch eating a plate of food, he said, she started choking. He picked up some napkins and tried to remove whatever food was in her mouth. Then he started shaking her, hoping the food would come up, but she still wasn't breathing, the report said.

He told the 911 operator, "I couldn't get her to focus her eyes . . . She's like totally limp."

During the 911 call, Pfohl appeared less sure about the choking. When the operator asked him if he saw Hulette choking, he responded he did not know. When the operator tried to have him perform CPR on his unconscious girlfriend, he responded that when he breathed into her mouth, he could not see her chest move.

"When I blow in, there's just gurgling, probably from the food," he said.

By the time emergency crews arrived, five minutes after the call came in, the woman's skin had turned purplish. She was pronounced dead at WellStar Kennestone Hospital. The full autopsy report is expected in a month or two.

Hours after the incident, investigators combing through the three-story townhouse said they discovered more than 1,000 illegal pills. Pfohl was charged with 13 counts of felony drug possession. Among the drugs were steroids and other bodybuilding drugs, as well as pain medication and anxiety drugs, authorities said.

Cobb County police said preliminary autopsy findings showed no sign of foul play. Police do not suspect Pfohl in the death of his girlfriend, said spokesman Cpl. Brody Staud.

An autopsy may be able to determine whether Hulette died of choking on food, of some deadly mix of alcohol or drugs -- of some combination of the two factors -- or even another cause, said Dr. Julie Jervis, a forensic pathologist at Kaplan College in Iowa. She described a common scenario called "cafe coronary," in which people who are drinking alcohol and eating lose their eating coordination, choke on food and die of asphyxiation.

Then again, she said, if some food blocking her airway became dislodged at some point, the autopsy might not be able to determine the exact cause of death, and the final cause could be listed as "undetermined."

UPDATED - MAY 10, 2003

For anyone that is interested in listening, here is an audio clip from Lex Luger's 911 call. We capped the audio from the WWE Confidential segment. If you are going to or post this elsewhere, please credit for capping the audio.



The final autopsy report is in for Liz. We reported on the site that we heard early on, that her death was the result of a combination of Pain Killers and alcohol. Today the toxicology report confirms this report.

The report from the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office, found that a mix of pills and alcohol is what killed Elizabeth Hulette.

Hulette registered a .29 blood alcohol level which is four times the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle in the state of Georgia.

She also had a mix of pain killers, nausea medication, and tranquilizers in her system.

The cause of death was ruled accidental due to "acute toxicity".


Many wrestling fans have asked me over the last year or so, "What ever happened to the case against Lex Luger when he was arrested in May '03 when Police found horse steroids, drugs, etc?" Today we have an answer for everyone.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Lawrence Pfohl, formally known to WWE and WCW fans as Lex Luger was back in court today. However, it stems back to his arrest in May 2003 for steroids and narcotics posession. And the case almost 2 years old, is now closed.

Luger pleaded guilty to possession of three different types of steroids. He received five years probation. He also must pay $1000 fine and ordered to submit drug tests to show he is not taking steroids. The tests will probably be part of his visits to his probate officer.

The Judge did tell Luger today that if he is arrested again for a similar offense, he could face 25 years in prision. It was reported that Pfohl was allowed to plea his 2003 charges as a first offender. As long as he complies with his parole, the charges could be discarded after probation is served.

However I believe this "first offender" plea was critical for Luger. If the '3 Strikes' law applies to the charges, that could be another reason why Luger asked to enter his plea as a first offender. This way, he's only at 'strike 1'. There is much more pressure on the former WWE / WCW wrestler if he were at "strike two" right now. By pleading as a first offender, he still can "slip up" and not be at "strike three". Even though he struckout a long time ago and probably doesn't even realize it.

And based on what happened Monday night from his arrest, he hasn't changed much in two years since his arrest and Miss Elizabeth's death.

No word as to what could happen now with his recent arrest for DUI and other vehicle related charges.



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