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Reported by Anthony DeBlasi
November 11, 2003

UPDATED 11/21: 11:30PM has received exclusive details surrounding the death of Michael Lockwood, aka Crash Holly. I must warn readers that the information posted below is a bit graphic in nature.

I must thank Bill Gamblin Jr, a respected Florida reporter who has been following the story closely. He contributed to us quite a bit of research and information, including copies of the actual reports from the Santa Rosa County Sheriffs office.

We received from However, we were able to verify thru the County Clerk some additional information tonight, which is added below.

Because this is going to be public information soon, we wanted to post it on the site for everyone who not only expressed their sadness of his death, but also wanted to know what happened the day Crash passed away:

If you are going to use any of this information elsewhere, please credit Bill Gamblin Jr, Anthony DeBlasi, &


Santa Rosa County Special Investigators are awaiting a toxicology report for the official cause of death of former WWE Hardcore Champion Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood). Holly, who also wrestled under the aliases of Mad Mikey (NWA/TNA) and Erin O’Grady in the APW before joining the WWE, was found dead by Santa Rosa County Deputies on Nov. 6, 2003

Deputies were dispatched to the home of Holly’s friend and current WWE wrestler Steven Richards after they received a call from Connecticut State Trooper Holsterom, a friend of Crash's. Holsterom called law enforcement officials on Nov. 6th to check on Holly’s welfare after describing him as "depressed on the telephone" the night before.

After responding to the residence and finding noone at home, Dep. Robert Arthur reported back to Trooper Holsterom and advised that after knocking, ringing the doorbell and checking all of the doors and windows, he was unable to get any response. Trooper Holsterom then contacted Santa Rosa County Realtor James Holland, who is handling the sale of Stevie Richards' house and had him get in touch with Deputy Arthur to give him access to the home.

Holland opened the home for Deputy Arthur, who found Holly laying face down in the kitchen partially clothed. Holly, 32, was pronounced dead at 2:37 p.m. on Thursday Nov 6th, 2003.

Holly had a pool of vomit and blood around his face and rigor had set in the body by the time it was discovered. Deputy Arthur found an open fifth of Southern Comfort on the kitchen counter and an empty pill bottle. Authorities found the bottle's label originally contained 350 mg capsules of Carisoprodol, which is a generic medication for Soma.

The prescription for the generic Soma was issued on Nov. 4th (only 2 days before) with 90 capsules and Holly was prescribed three pills per day. However, the bottle was found to be empty when officers arrived.

Dr. Minyard, with the Northwest Florida Medical Examiners Office in Pensacola, conducted an autopsy on Nov. 7th and found no evidence of bruising or other injuries, according to Santa Rosa Crime Scene Technician Charlie Peters. Dr. Minyard believed the pending toxicology report would reveal the cause of death. 

During a search of the scene, Deputies of the Santa Rosa County Crime Scene Investigations Unit found a copy of separation papers, property agreement forms from Rowan County, N.C., a prescription bottle that contained Effexor 75 mg tablets (medication for depression) and a cell phone.

The last number called on the cell phone by Holly was that of Richards, the owner of the residence in which Holley’s body was found, who deputies identified as Mike Manna. The call was made on Nov. 5th at 12:54 p.m.

Further investigation of the house led deputies to a computer, which was searched for the possibility of a suicide note or some indication as to why Holly died.

In the parking garage officers found a green Ford Explorer, which contained a Jansport backpack.  Inside the backpack deputies found money, paperwork from Children and Family Services, Santa Rosa County Avalon Center DUI class papers and a prescription. A briefcase in the vehicle contained divorce papers.

UPDATED: 11/21: has confirmed tonight that Michael was arrested by Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Deputy and charged with Driving Under Influence, & Drug Posession. He was arraigned on October 4th, and posted $1500 Bond.

Below is a timeline of legal events, which I find a bit upsetting, when you think of his friend reporting him depressed on 11/5, and his death 11/6. This information is courtesy of the Santa Rosa County Clerk's Office:

- 10/1/2003: FELONY ARRAIGNMENT SET FOR 11/03/2003 AT 09:00AM 
- 10/4/2003:CASH/PROFESSIONAL SET $1500.00
- 10/5/2003:SURETY BOND POSTED $1500.00
- 11/3/2003:FELONY EARLY PLEA SET FOR 11/05/2003 AT 09:00AM
- 11/5/2003: FELONY PRE-TRIAL SET FOR 01/09/2004 AT 09:00AM
- 11/5/2003: FELONY DKT DAY SET FOR 01/27/2004 AT 09:00 IN CIR
(Report of his death)

Remember, Crash was scheduled to tour Japan in January. And, it seems that he may have been in court 11/5 (day before his death). He learned that he had to appear in court again in January, which could have forced him to miss the tour of Japan. And with this felony charge, I don't know if he would have been able to leave the country. I wanted to post this court information, which in my opinion, may have people now speculate that the pressure may have been too much for him to handle.


Here are a few career notes of Michael Lockwood that Bill Gamblin Jr contributed to this story:

Holly, who was living in Richards' home as it was on the market, had previously joked about being Richards’ housewife’, taking care of the house and garden, while he was working for the WWE during a Wrestling interview in August. The idea for the Mad Mikey led to another joke during the interview by Lockwood.

"If you lived with Stevie Richards, you'd be mad too!" Before joining the NWA/TNA, one of Holly’s last matches was a win over Funaki on WWE Velocity on April 19. Holly, whose character was created by Vince Russo, was introduced as the cousin of Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly to wrestling fans in 1999 and was the first WWE Hardcore Champion to defend his title under the 24/7 rule after defeating Test before the division was later done away with.

Crash, who held the hardcore title around 22 different times also held the WWE Tag Team, European and Light Heavyweight titles. He was also part of WrestleMania 2000 when he put the title up in a hardcore battle royal. During his career Crash and his cousin Bob ‘Hardcore’ Holly tried to do battle with the so-called super heavyweights of wrestling.

To promote this era Crash and Bob would use scales to see if their opponents measured up to their standard of competition, which was 6-foot 6-inches and 400 pounds. If the opponents didn’t measure up they might refuse to wrestle stating it was a waste of time.

Crash was reported to be opening a wrestling school in Salisbury, N.C. in 2002 Other former WWE Wrestlers or those connected with the sport to have recently passed away were Stu Hart, Mike Hegstrand (Road Warrior Hawk), Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, Louie Spicolli, Ms. Elizabeth and Classy Freddie Blassie. Lockwood’s (Crash) wrestling career started under the direction of Roland Alexander’s school, where the WWE and Jim Cornette noticed him on a tape wrestling Vic Grimes.

Michael is survived by his wife and daughter. A fund has been setup in the name of Michael's daughter, which will be posted on the site shortly. Also, this weekend I will be posting the final batch of fans, and friends of Michael Lockwood, who expressed their condolences and shared some comments on Crash.


If you wish to read our initial article posted 11/4/2003, CLICK HERE TO VIEW


Thanks for reading.
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