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Reported by Anthony DeBlasi
December 20, 2003

I received quite a few requests to post the list of wrestlers who passed away in 2003. If I am missing anyone, please email me [email protected]. This list is in chronological order:

Please credit Anthony DeBlasi, Webmaster, if using this research:

Naoto Morishita
The Sheik
Ox Anderson
Curt Hennig
Audie Hager
Michiaki Yoshimura
Tony Altimore
Sailor Art Thomas
Kodo Fuyuki
Bruiser Brian Cox
Les Kellet
Ray Mendoza
Babs Wingo
Jackie Nichols
Kurt Von Poppenheim
"Miss Elizabeth" Elizabeth Hulette
"Classie" Freddie Blassie
Jack Curran
Danny Johnson
Mickey Gold
Tug Wilson
Giant Ochiai
Marva Scott
Great Antonio
Pitbull #2 Anthony Durante
Frank Zela
Chip Douglas
Stu Hart
"Road Warrior Hawk" Michael Hegstrand
Floyd Creatchman
Mitsu Hirai
"Crash Holly" Michael Lockwood
Dick Hutton
Joey Rossi
Moondog Spot
"The Wall" Jerry Tuite
Mike Anthony "Lozansky"

Here's another list I've been working on. Jerry Tuite recently passed away, and left us way too soon as he was only turning 36 years old. I researched and complied a list of wrestlers who passed away the same age or younger than Jerry Tuite. Of course if I'm missing someone, please email me [email protected]. Some on the list might surprise you. 

Adrian Adonis 34
Gary Albright 36
Shiochi Arai 36
Art Barr
Jimmy Beal 26
Basil Bozinis 26
Yukon Braxton 24
Bad Business Brown 31
Elmer "Pet" Brown 36
Carnage (James Eggelston) 22
Dave Casanova 35
Dennis Clary 31
Sir Dudley Clements 28
Rocky Columbo 35
Core 29
"Bruiser" Brian Cox 33
"Slick" Robbie D 32
Chip Douglas 19
Chris Duffy 35
Bobby Duncam Jr 34
"Pitbull #2" Anthony Durante 36
Eric The Animal 34
Espanto I 35
Masakazu Fukuda 27
Ed "The Bull" Gantner 31
"Hotstuff" Eddie Gilbert 33
Russ Haas 27
Owen Hart 34
Gino Hernandez 29
Lance Idol 32
Sangre India 23
Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) 35
Jerry "The Wall Tuite 36
Emiko Kado 23
Kasavubu 26
Andy Kaufman 35
Eric Kulas 22
Pierre "Mad Dog" Lefebvre 30
"Big Daddy" Eugene Lipscomb 31
Michael "Crash Holly" Lockwood 32
Yuel Lovett 28
Mike Anthony "Lozansky" 35
Joe Lynam 31
Randy Mansfield 23
Plum Manko 29
Joey Marella (Referee) 30
Bull Martin 34
Moondog Lonnie Mayne 34
"Quick Draw" Rick McGraw 30
Billy McGuire 32
Mark Mendian 20
Wayne Munn 35
Tony Nash 30
Giant Ochiai 30
"Oklahoma Kid" (Elmer Gearlds) 30

Brian Ong 24
Oro (Jesus Hernandez) 21
Jerry Oski 32
David "DJ" Peterson 33
Scott Peterson 31
"All American" Jeff Peterson 22
Brian Pillman 35
The Renegade 33
John Ruffen 23
Buzz Sawyer 32
Iben Seleem 27
Shane Shamrock 23
Bobby Shane 29
Big E Sleeze 22
Haru Sonada 31
Louie Spicoli 27
Stanley Stasiak 36
Ric Stuart 32
Neil Superior 33
"Kelly Tabor" 28
Chris Taylor 29
Rudger Terry 28
Chief Thunder Mountain 33
John Tunney 32
"Delicious" Dave Vicious 32
Chris Von Erich 21
David Von Erich 25
Kerry Von Erich 33
Mike Von Erich 23
Baron Von Heisinger 33
Clarence Whistler 29
Princess White Dove 28
Jeanette Wolfe 18
Tex Wright 28
Mr X (Douglas Scoggins) 30
Yokozuna (Rodney Anoai) 34
Jay Youngblood 30

Thank you to all the various almanacs for this information in order to comprise this list. This list should be complete and goes back from 1890 to the present. Some are going to interpret this list in different ways. Some will say this list is surprisingly small, others will say that many died over the last 15 years. However you view it, let's just hope we don't have to update this list frequently.

Thanks for reading.
Anthony DeBlasi Webmaster





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